Japan helping Vanuatu


Vanuatu Prime Minister received the assurance from the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Minori Kintchi, that Japan will fund some of the Cyclone Pan Reconstruction programme.

Both Prime Minister Natuman and State Foreign Affair Minister Kintchi exchanged notes of agreement where Japan has pledged to buy some heavy equipment to help Vanuatu rebuild.

A Japanese Foreign Affairs Official did not disclose how much Japan was willing to spend fr restoration of infrastructure in half of Vanuatu where the category 5 cyclone destroyed in March.

The amount will be decided by the Vanuatu government and presented to Tokyo, he said.

Prime Minister Natuman said Vanuatu expected about Vt50 million to restore some of the bridges, roads and wharves washed away Cyclone Pan.

Japan Foreign Minister Kintchi said he was deeply disturbed by the news of the destruction of Cyclone Pan and asked PM Natuman to convey his sympathy and the Government of Japan to the people of Vanuatu.

The Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting will open on Friday but already there are suggestions that the Climate Change and Disaster Management will be top on the agenda of the islands leaders meet.

Japan has pledged and additional 33 million US Dollars for Climate Change and disaster for the next three years until PALM 8.

Richard Butler

Besides Co-Editor here, Richard is Co-Editor at EscapeArtist.com/vanuatu and has written a popular book on Vanuatu, How the WTO Will Change Vanuatu and How You Can Escape to this South Pacific Island Paradise available on Amazon.com. Richard is a Resort and residential property developer, marketer, and project construction manager who fell in love with the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu and for 3 years 2012 to May 2015 has been a successful Trade Commissioner for the Republic of Vanuatu. So successful that the government reappointed him in April 2017 for a further 3-year term!

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