Masters in Paradise

Waterborne excitement in Vanuatu

Waterborne excitement in Vanuatu

Post By Richard Butler | 6th June 2016 |

Masters in Paradise” is the title of the annual regatta held on Port Vial’s Second Lagoon.

If you are expecting state of the art rowing sculls, you will certainly see them – but not surprisingly for Vanuatu, alongside will be outrigger canoes.

International rowers from Australia and New Zealand will be competing with local rowers in races for singles, doubles and quads, for this event incorporates the Corporate Rowing Regatta.

Not all the trophies collected at the end of the day will be shiny cups:  Outrigger canoe owners have been alerted by pamphlet drops and will be gathering next weekend for the Masters in Paradise Outrigger Canoe Feature Race determined to win the prize…  A live pig!  With such a prize each year the Outrigger Canoe Race is hotly contested and supported by shouting onlookers.

This is another example of the excitement on offer for expats who make the move to the paradise islands of Vanuatu.

Richard Butler

Besides Co-Editor here, Richard is Co-Editor at and has written a popular book on Vanuatu, How the WTO Will Change Vanuatu and How You Can Escape to this South Pacific Island Paradise available on Richard is a Resort and residential property developer, marketer, and project construction manager who fell in love with the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu and for 3 years 2012 to May 2015 has been a successful Trade Commissioner for the Republic of Vanuatu. So successful that the government reappointed him in April 2017 for a further 3-year term!

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