Mystery Island to welcome 120 Cruise Ship visits next year

Mystery Island to welcome 120 Cruise Ship visits next year

Mystery Island to welcome 120 Cruise Ship visits next year

Post by Richard Butler | 1 January 2017 |

Mystery Island will be setting a new record in 2017, for the highest number of cruise ship calls in a year.

120 cruise ships are expected to visit the tiny islet and port of call off Tafea province this year, said the Director of Tourism (DoT), George Borugu.

mysteryislandcruiseship2Mystery Island [Aneityum Island in Tafea Province] is now the second most popular port of call in terms of call numbers after Port Vila, he conveyed.

According to the director, 109 cruise ships visited Mystery in 2016. Ovation of the Seas will be the largest cruise ship ever to visit the port of call early 2017.

To make the port of call a memorial adventure, the DoT have been working with tourism authorities such as the Australian Government funded TVET Sector Strengthening Program to prepare the locals to meet tourists expectations.

mystery-island-locals-prepare-to-greet-cruise-shipOne of the major activities that was implemented by TVET on Aneityum last year was an Agri-Tourism Project.

The TVET’s ‘Skills for Tourism’ Coordinator, Warren Gama, said the project objective is to develop Mystery Island direct revenue and passenger satisfaction by upskilling local operators and business owners in line with tourist demand and expectations.

To assist in generating more flow-on effects in the farming, livestock, fishing and handicraft production sectors for a more equitable and holistic development impact from cruise business, as well as inter-island trade, he added.

mystery-island-superb-swimmingThe project aims to create a value chain approach in linking agriculture and tourism, said Coordinator Gama.

Tourism is the main source of income for people in Tafea province.

Report by Anita Roberts, Vanuatu Daily Post

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