Good news here!  Exciting news from the tropical island paradise you have been looking for.  It’s called “The Land of Smiles.”
 Vacation, Relocate, Retire, Invest – you will find paradise in Vanuatu


015 Towards 300 Thousand in 2030

There’s a tried and tested saying: “To get a different result, you need to make a change.”
The Vanuatu tourism sector have taken up this mantra, and have just released the most amazing…

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014 Graduation day set for the Republic of Vanuatu in 2020

Graduation day set for the Republic of Vanuatu in 2020! One of the biggest possible impacts on a “Least Developed Country” is when it graduates out of the “LDC” United Nations category. This week, Richard in Australia and Lance in Vanuatu chat about how investors can benefit from…

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Onesua first to launch Biogas System Project

Onesua Presbyterian College (OPC) is privileged to be the first college to implement a Biogas Energy System which harnesses energy from organic waste to reliable cooking gas. Biogas is a popular alternative around the world where…

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Qatar 2022 World Cup the main aim

Munster took the Vanuatu job soon after resigning as head coach and technical director of Indian top-flight club Minerva Punjab FC, where he won two trophies during seven months in charge. He has wasted little time in getting to work on researching players and is very clear about the key targets in his new role.”I see this as a three-year project with the biggest aim being…

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013 Dreams that came true this week

The Vanuatu Prime Minister, CEO of Air Vanuatu, and Vanuatu Airport construction company... validated not one but THREE big dreams forecast in our podcast. In this podcast you will hear how blaring sirens on a quiet tropical island preceded the Prime Ministers...

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CCECC launches Phase II of roadworks on Malekula

The handing over of the Malekula Road project on Saturday, March 2 completes Phase I of the roadworks on Malekula. CCECC Managing Director said the handing over also coincides with the launching of the Malekula Phase II works.”Now, Phase II of the project on both islands will soon get underway and…”

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Vanuatu Has One Of The World’s Strictest Plastic Bans. It’s About To Get Tougher

PORT VILA, Vanuatu ― At the bustling open-air market, women in bold-patterned dresses sit behind tables laden with a dozen different types of bananas, chips made from purple taro root and mounds of dangerously red chilis. Pomelos the size of small boulders sit next to scores of emerald avocados. But there are no flimsy plastic shopping bags ― not here or anywhere else on this island nation…

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What independence means

A hardworking 22-year-old ni-Vanuatu woman in a rural community has shared her beliefs on being independent and her dreams.

“Father Lini and our forefathers fought hard for us to be independent,” said Sandrina from Avunatari community, west Malo. “It is our duty to be glad for our independence and be independent. My dream is to be able to…

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Air Vanuatu set to order four A220s – report

Air Vanuatu is set to put down a VUV850 million vatu (USD7.46 million) deposit on four Airbus narrowbodies. According to The Daily Post, Minister of Finance and Economic Management, Gaetan Pikioune, and Air Vanuatu Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Derek Nice, signed the instrument on February 15.
According to Nice, the jets will be…

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Vanuatu off black list with EU

Vanuatu is among states removed from the EU blacklist due to its intensive monitoring of financial market transactions. Others include Bosnia, Guyana, Laos, and Uganda.
The European Commission added Saudi Arabia, Panama, U.S. territories of American Samoa, Guam and Samoa to a blacklist of nations it considers a threat because of…

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Australia courts Vanuatu

Richard Butler | RNZ – Andrew Thomas | February 15th, 2019.
Analysts say Australia sees China’s influence as a potential threat to sovereignty, independence, stability and even to peace.
To counter China’s growing influence in the South Pacific, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he wants to…

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011 Paradise offers a low cost Plan B for residency

Paradise offers a low cost Plan B for residency. A decade of amazing growth forecast up to 300% increase in tourism. "We will triple tourism by 2030” proclaimed the head of Vanuatu tourism – our energetic VTO CEO Adela Aru – on the front page of the paper. Huh!?! ...

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Imagining Australia’s South Pacific family

Richard Butler | RNZ Graeme Dobel | February 10th, 2019 Part of a leader’s magic is to spin a few words into political gold, capturing the moment and proclaiming the future. Think Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘new deal’, Winston Churchill’s ‘iron curtain’, or Ben Chifley’s...

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010 Infrastructure +Agriculture = Tourism Boom!

Infrastructure + agriculture = tourism boom! How would you feel if your boss tapped you on the shoulder and said, "Oh by the way, the Prime Minister will be dropping by to check our work on your shift!"? Hear the tale of how this actually happened to some startled...

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CDF to fly the flag as part of tour of the Pacific

Richard Butler | from Defence Connect | 29 Jan 2019 Angus Campbell, AO, DSC, has travelled to Vanuatu, Tonga, Fiji and the Solomon Islands, building on the Prime Minister’s recent tour of the region to strengthen Australia’s position in the Pacific. GEN Campbell was...

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Now we know what colour the 2019 McLaren will be

Richard Butler | from GP Fans | 28 Jan 2019 McLaren have all but confirmed that a papaya livery will remain in situ on the team's 2019 challenger – the MCL34. McLaren have teased elements of their 2019 livery more than any other team on the grid so far, with all...

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009 Right Place at the Right Time

You have to be in the Right Place at the Right Time... (and with the Right People!) to Avail Yourself of the Right Opportunity Why should the visit of the Australian Prime Minister ("SkoMo") to Vanuatu and the interview of  Sir David Attenborough by Prince William all...

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