Vanuatu Dreaming Updates

009 Right Place at the Right Time

You have to be in the Right Place at the Right Time... (and with the Right People!) to Avail Yourself of the Right Opportunity Why should the visit of the Australian Prime Minister ("SkoMo") to Vanuatu and the interview of  Sir David Attenborough by Prince William all...

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006 I made a $1.5 Bn Mistake (Oops!)

I made a $1.5 billion mistake! in quoting infrastructure development in the South Pacific Wow... I reported last week (incorrectly as it turns out) that the Australian Government announced at APEC Papau New Guinea, it was going to provide $1.5 billion for...

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The Big Secret [Vanuatu Dreaming #44]

Issue #44 THE BIG SECRET We teased you about it last week, and now the big reveal... It's about APEC and the hopper-loads of cash cascading down on the South Pacific countries from the many benefactors at the APEC summit last month in Papua New Guinea. Are they really...

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It’s Time! [Vanuatu Dreaming #42]

Issue #42 It's Time!   Is Vanuatu and the South Pacific the last frontier for development funding in the southern hemisphere?! Yes its time, time to view offshore investment into Vanuatu and specifically into Pacific Haven Resort, after waiting for the airport to be...

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Vanuatu Dreaming – Fresh Beginning {Issue 25}

Plan B: Turn your dream into a lifestyle…
* Real Estate round up with Richard
* Adam Reeves sheds bright light on the Sydney waterfront suburb of Manly
* Predictions for Vanuatu in 2015
Most of us have promised ourselves a new beginning this year and this is what this email is all about, Fresh Beginnings.

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