Signs of things to come: Airliners from three different countries on the Tarmac at Port Vila at the same time

The Vanuatu Prime Minister, CEO of Air Vanuatu, and Vanuatu Airport construction company… validated not one but THREE big dreams forecast in our podcast.

In this podcast you will hear how blaring sirens on a quiet tropical island preceded the Prime Ministers surprise appearance to make an announcement involving millions of dollars of upgrades.  It’s of great value to one of our projects

Then my account of a personal conversation with the CEO of Air Vanuatu, high above the Pacific Ocean at the time.

Excitement builds as the goal for the Port Vila Bauerfield Airport runway project is now measured in weeks

Announcing  South Pacific Plantations Management Ltd has completed the contracts for the strata transfer of the Espiegle Bay village to the paramount chief and family’s trust

Don’t miss this one as Lance and I discuss these giant leaps forward and what it can mean for you.  Astounding that they were all happening in the space of one week!

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Mentioned in this podcast…

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Phone Lance on +61 7 3040 9977 (yes, he’s in Vanuatu but this is an Australian Skype number. If you are in Vanuatu call +678 5464111)

Vanuatu’s Bauerfield Airport upgrade set for completion late June (Story)

Phase II of Malekula Island road upgrade announced (Story)

South Pacific Plantations

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What’s the weather like at the Pacific Haven Resort site on magnificent Teouma Bay. via Port Vila today?

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