Pacific Haven Resorts Ltd is now offering your opportunity to invest in a luxury waterfront resort just 20 minutes drive from the Port Vila airport and only 15 minutes drive to the dead centre of the commercial district of the vibrant town of Port Vila.

Developer Richard Butler in Sydney and Lance in Vanuatu have put together the new videocast above.

We have amazing interest in our project owing to the fact that we now have set up a system where we can accept 100% bitcoin for the purchase of these investment properties which provide a contracted 7% net return and will provide excellent capital gains we believe over the next 3 to 5 years.

We also offer an opportunity for you to use your Bbitcoins for a complete lifestyle change.  Your Plan B is now available for you to follow the steps of many high earning high tech corporation heads who are moving into the South Pacific Islands for a safe haven not only from the pandemic but also from high taxes in the mother countries.

The Republic of Vanuatu has no income tax, corporate tax, death duty, capital gains tax, or gift tax.  So you can see why high worth corporations and individuals are seeking relief from the ever increasing taxes being imposed by governments throughout the world.  It’s only going to get worse: President Biden is now talking about a 46% tax on all corporations.

For just USD 26,000 we can also organise 10 year permanent residency in this South Pacific tax haven to approved applicants.

Our company is a one-stop shop that can provide you not only with an investment for permanent residency but also a complete corporation setup for offshore company, offshore bank account, offshore company address, including local director.


Contact details: Melanesian Waterfront Real Estate Limited

1-bed Bungalow Vanuatu - plan

Dugong Resort (Artist Impression)


What’s the weather like at the Pacific Haven Resort’sDugong Resort” site on magnificent Teouma Bay via Port Vila today?

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