Cryptocurrency, Chine, Facebook, and Vanuatu - wow!

So what is money exactly?  How is it evolving and what does that have to do with China… Facebook… and Vanuatu?

(and the old question “What’s in it for me?”)

In this podcast all these and more are discussed as Richard and Lance discover that Vanuatu is in some senses at the absolute cutting edge of “money technology.”  Yep:  stone age to crypto in one generation!  And we’re not talking about only the educated elite – those who still live a village life are into it. 

Think that’s a bit hard to accept?  Listen and you will believe…

Here’s your chance to get both the insight that comes from over 40 years as a successful Real Estate Developer (Richard, who is also a two-times Trade Commissioner to Australia for Vanuatu) and an inside look at life as an expat living in Vanuatu for over 3 years (Lance)

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Mentioned in this podcast…

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Phone Lance on +61 7 3040 9977 (yes, he’s in Vanuatu but this is an Australian Skype number)

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