A famous 80’s movie – now a classic – is Back to the Future, where a modified DeLorean (car) travels through time.

Wouldn’t we all have liked to have that vehicle in February-March 2020? We were all petrified of the outcome of Coronavirus and of course we are still, even with the vaccines, very concerned about the disease.

Closing down the nation of Vanuatu early and completely before any infection-carrying persons got in has kept the residents safe… so that part of it worked.

  1. But what about the effect on the travel business, and many of the companies, organisations, firms, councils, that rely on that tourism dollar?
  2. What will be on the other side of Coronavirus and how does the recent G7 meeting in the United Kingdom have a role with effects extending to the South Pacific?

In this videocast I talk about the future and address these questions.

The leading characters in the Back to the Future film, Marty McFly and Dr Emmett Brown, would have back then found it hard to believe that we are now being told that new supersonic jets will be able to fly from London – New York -Bejing – in fact almost anywhere in the world – in 4 hours. 

Risk is all about timing, and I believe that we will see an amazing knock-on effect from the latest G7 meeting.

Are we early with these thoughts, YES WE ARE! No apologies for back to the future thinking: we believe it’s time!

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  • The video above contains a short scene from the movie “Back to the Future” and…
  • An advertisment by the aviation company “Boom!” concerning their sale of up to 50 supersonic aircraft to United Airlines

leaving Sydney

Dugong Resort

Dugong Resort (Artist Impression)


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