$100 Billion Saved by Australians$100 Billion waiting to be spent on property and overseas holidays.  Where will it go?  Where CAN it go?

This week, as Richard in Australia and Lance in Vanuatu chat about Real Estate Opportunities and Lifestyles of the South Pacific you will get the answers to both those questions.

What a difference a week makes !

  • Election results put the USA in turmoil… perhaps that’s behind us?
  • The Reserve Bank in Australia says we are out of recession already, all in just 1 quarter. Yipee!
  • A Vaccine is trumped out – not by Trump, but we all know he pushed it.
  • And it looks like 2021 March we will have a vaccine and selected safe travel will be able to start again
  • Reported in the news this week, the Australian Prime Minster is considering that when returning from COVID-19-Free countries to allow a 14-day self-quarantine

All this good news in under 7 days… Amazing!

Now we have AUD$100 billion saved by Australians in the last 8 months.  Yes, it’s true!

This has led to… “46% of Aussies thinking about buying a property in the next 12 months.”  The government initiatives in place are clearly helping many people overcome some of the roadblocks . . .

“A fifth of Australians think they are now in a better position to buy or invest in property than pre-pandemic, especially those aged between 25 and 34,” said Megan Keleher, CUA’s chief customer officer.

A special survey by the NAB of Australians’ attitudes also found that once the pandemic is over, “31 per cent of those questioned . . . have their heart set on an overseas holiday”

So, if nearly half are thinking about property, almost a third are set on an overseas holiday, and they have a big chunk of that 100 billion to spend… WHERE can they go to spend it?   Richard and Lance go deep on this question and the answers in this podcast.

And then to top this off — our partners in Pacific Haven Resorts Ltd, the company Bricklet, is to be offering funding over 18 months with no interest on 10% deposit and will pay interest on the accumulating account balance until the project is built… and then provide a 10 year by 10 years lease back at 7.5% rental return per annum.  (Wow!)

Here’s your chance to get both the insight that comes from more than 40 years as a successful Real Estate Developer (Richard) and an inside look at relevant issues as an expat living in Vanuatu for over 4 years (Lance)

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Mentioned in this podcast…

Phone Richard on +61 2 8007 3803 (Sydney, Australia)
Phone Lance on +61 7 3040 9977 (yes, he’s in Vanuatu but this is an Australian Skype number)

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