18 Feb 2015 Show Topic: Volcanos don’t erupt, but the Auckland real estate market does

It’s another snowy and cold blowy week in Massachusetts where Brian Thomas is holed up. Meanwhile summertime continues in the southern hemisphere where Richard Butler lives along the eastern Pacific coast in Australia.

Butler kicks things off with the Aussie real estate round-up. The auctions are now picking up steam, with the average price around Sydney, Australia around $918,000.


Wayne Maguire, Principal of Ray White Mission Bay

Today, we travel back to New Zealand for our 4th in a series of programs dealing with the Lifestyle and real estate opportunities where the world’s day often begins. Our guest and tour guide is Wayne Maguire, Principal of Ray White real estate in Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. Wayne has achieved outstanding results in real estate, accumulating in now owing and operating the Ray White franchise for the Mission Bay office.Wayne has been driven from day one in real estate to achieve and perform at an exceptionally high level.Within 5 years of entering the industry, he jointly owned a luxury real estate company based in Auckland, personally dealing with and selling to offshore buyers from Asia and Europe.

Richard Butler

Besides Co-Editor here, Richard is Co-Editor at EscapeArtist.com/vanuatu and has written a popular book on Vanuatu, How the WTO Will Change Vanuatu and How You Can Escape to this South Pacific Island Paradise available on Amazon.com. Richard is a Resort and residential property developer, marketer, and project construction manager who fell in love with the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu and for 3 years 2012 to May 2015 has been a successful Trade Commissioner for the Republic of Vanuatu. So successful that the government reappointed him in April 2017 for a further 3-year term!

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