Richard Butler | Exclusive Report by Doddy Morris of Daily Post VU | JUNE 13th, 2023

The Chinese medical team, which arrived in Vanuatu on the Ministry of Health’s invitation and with the Chinese Embassy’s approval, have completed their first outreach providing free health services.

The medical expert team arrived in Vanuatu in September 2022 and was immediately welcomed and applauded by their colleagues and fellow citizens.

Since then, they have collaborated with the clinical teams in Vanuatu and regularly provide services to the general people at the hospital.

During their first outreach, they had treated over 700 patients, performed over 170 surgeries, provided over 200 anaesthesia, treated over 1,500 local resident’s outpatients, hospitalised 5,000 patients and performed over 50 imaging diagnoses.

According to Director of Curative and Hospital services, Dr Sereana Natuman, this cooperation between the local team and Chinese team has been in existence for a long time and has continued unhinged.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health (MOH), Dr Natuman acknowledge the Chinese Medical team, as well as the local Medical doctors and nurses who work tirelessly every day to ensure services to Ni-Vanuatu are carried out.

Dr Natuman also announce that after their first outreach in Tanna and the Northern Provincial Hospital (NPH), the Ministry are currently organising their second trip to NPH for July 2023.


The team was established by the Beijing Shijitan Hospital, affiliated with Capital Medical University and came to Vanuatu to provide free clinic and academic exchange.

The expert team first visited Vila Central Hospital (VCH), during which VCH Medical Superintendent, Dr Vincent Atua, welcomed the expert team and personally guided them on a tour of the hospital after a discussion.

The Chinese medical experts fully utilised the benefits of cutting-edge medical concepts and extensive clinical experience, gave meticulous guidance, held discussions, and engaged in face-to-face communication with the relevant departments through a variety of means.

This includes advice on medical procedures, patient consultations, ward rounds, difficult case discussions, surgical demonstrations, and academic lectures. They also provide targeted recommendations for medical reforms. When in Tanna, the authorities of the Lenakel Hospital conducted on-site inspections in rural areas to understand the basic medical conditions and common diseases among residents.

They communicated with villagers in a friendly manner and conducted targeted free health service. However, with the sudden cyclones, the experts realise the frequency of natural disaster in Vanuatu.

The expert team provided comprehensive service during the aftermath of tropical cyclones by further improving the team members’ diagnostic and treatment capabilities.

During this period, the Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu, Li Minggang, and the Director General of Vanuatu’s MOH, Judith Melsul, jointly unveiled the plaque for the Chinese medical team residence, witnessing the fruitful results of friendly cooperation and practical collaboration between China and Vanuatu.

This time, the Chinese medical expert team is visiting Vanuatu to further understand the local medical and health conditions, and promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the field of medicine and health between the two countries. Through expert guidance and demonstration by renowned doctors, advanced diagnosis and treatment concepts and exquisite clinical techniques have been demonstrated, further enhancing the diagnosis and treatment technology and service capabilities of VCH.

At the same time, higher requirements have been put forward for the Chinese medical team assisting Vanuatu, clarifying the work direction and key task of the medical team in the future. The practical cooperation between China and Vanuatu will definitely benefit more Vanuatu patients.

The Chinese medical team’s report on their work in Vanuatu was praised by their superiors in China, and have made useful comments and recommendations to enhance the task and provide more medical help.