Richard Butler | Exclusive Report by Doddy Morris of DAILY POST VU | 7TH JUNE, 2024

Brendon Deeley, owner of the renowned Iririki Island Resort, says that if Vanuatu were to adopt an ‘Open Skies’ policy, it would lead to monumental development in the country’s tourism industry.

“The idea of having an ‘Open Skies’ policy where all the different airlines can fly in and bring tourists to Vanuatu is the most wonderful idea in Vanuatu tourism history,” said Mr. Deeley.

He highlighted the significant economic uplift expected from an influx of tourists, particularly from key markets such as New Zealand and Australia, despite Air Vanuatu’s liquidation situation.

Deeley praised the efforts of government ministers involved in wanting to see this happen and expressed optimism about future agreements with additional airlines.

“Having more and more tourists here, especially from New Zealand and Australia, will massively lift the economy and take the people of Vanuatu into a prosperous future,” he said.


“I commend the government ministers and authorities who are working hard to secure this policy and the deals that are going to be coming with other airlines, no doubt soon.”

Solomon Airlines increasing Honiara-Port Vila-Auckland services

Mr. Deeley made the remarks amid Solomon Airlines’ announcement yesterday that it is bringing forward additional flights to meet the demand increase of Honiara-Port Vila-Auckland services.

The statement from the Solomon Airlines, dated June 5, relayed that Solomon Airlines is moving quickly to meet demand for flights between Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Zealand.

It confirmed the airline will bring forward the start of twice-weekly scheduled flights to Auckland.


From 12 June, Solomon Airlines will commence two return flights weekly between Honiara, Port Vila and Auckland all of which will be operated by Solomon Airlines aircraft.

“The Vanuatu Department of Tourism (DoT) welcomes the additional services introduced by Solomon Airlines from Port Vila to Auckland,” the Director of the DoT, Mr. Paul Pio stated.

“New Zealand represents the second largest inbound tourism market to Vanuatu behind Australia, and this additional service will provide the much-needed confidence to our Kiwi travellers and trade partners, including the tourism business sector in Vanuatu.”

Mr. Pio said the Government of Vanuatu remains committed to working with all interested airline partners to address Vanuatu’s aviation connectivity challenges.