Richard Butler | Exclusive Report by Vanuatu News | OCT 17th, 2023


As part of Appraising the Santo International Airport Project, the Saudi Fund for Development(SFD-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) teachnical team meet the Minister of Finance and Economic Management, Hon. John Salong and the Treasury Dept’s advisors.

To grow Vanuatu economically, we need good Airport Infrastructure to accomodate long haul flights, which will enable Vanuatu to increase cargo by air, diversify our tourism routes and destination and also attract a new pool of investors.


The Santo Business and Economic Zone will creates opportunities and pathyway for northern provinces like Torba, Penama, Malampa and Sanma province. Overall, it benefits Vanuatu as a whole.

Minister John Salong gave a very good overview of the aspiration and goals of the Government to see Santo Airport Project kickstart as a catalyst for tourism growth and economic growth. May God bless Vanuatu and Saudi Arabia. Long live both countries.