Richard Butler | Exclusive Report by ABC AUSTRALIA | 7th MAY, 2024

Do you ever wonder where the happiest place in the world is?

Well according to the Happy Planet Index, it’s Vanuatu!

Topping the list for the second time since the index was first published in 2006, Vanuatu has ranked number one out of 150 countries worldwide for 2024.

The ranking is based on self-reported well-being scores, life expectancy, GDP per capita and carbon footprint.

The Happy Planet Index noted factors like tight-knit communities, a peaceful political system, and a serious stance on environmental issues as some of the reasons Vanuatu came out on top.

Nesia Daily host Jacob McQuire, who is from Tanna island in Vanuatu, shared the happy news of the ranking on the show’s News Footlines segment, alongside some fond memories of his time spent there.