07 Jan 2015: Manly Beach Lookin’ Good

Richard is back with his real estate round up of Australia. The prices were a bit lower during the last week in 2014, compared to most of November and December. Still, the Australia real estate market sizzles. Adam Reeves is a Ray White real estate Licensee representing Manly Beach, NSW, Australia. Adam was born and raised in the Manly Beach area of Sydney. He tells us he’s traveled the world, but always comes home to Manly Beach. Reeves tells us about growing up in Manly Beach, the Read more [...]

31 Dec 2014: Show Topic: 2014-2015

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas as we look down the barrel of 2014. No real real estate round-up as we wrap up 2014. Richard does chime that we need to focus more on the Darwin and Perth markets in the upcoming year. Yes, Darwin is the place with the U.S. military base and salt water crocodiles. Wayne Harrison is the supreme migration expert in the South Pacific, with extreme knowledge of his home country, Australia. Wayne looks at work/business visa options with a grand package at Read more [...]
24 Dec 2014 Show Topic:  Diane Kennedy Is Back With More About Minimizing Your Taxes

24 Dec 2014 Show Topic: Diane Kennedy Is Back With More About Minimizing Your Taxes

Well its starting to look a bit  like Xmas!  Brian has left on account of the holidays. Thank you Brian for all your help with the show this year! Yes we are heading towards the big day and the Xmas auctions are finished in Australia & last weekend clearance rates…. Sydney 76%    Melbourne  68%    Brisbane  30%   Adelaide 50%  with general increase of house prices across Australia’s main cities  between 13% to 38%. averages. Christmas is certainly come early  to Read more [...]

Dec 17 2014 Show Topic: Meet Dianne Kennedy, CPA, Author

  We’re just week away from Christmas 2014, and Lifestyles and Real Estate of the South Pacific has an excellent present. But first: The Aussie real estate market is nothing to snooze through. Richard Butler states the bell has been rung, ending a highly lucrative and highly competitive auction season. Did Sydney’s median auction price stay north of $1,000,000 AUD?, Richard will explain. Bottom line: the Australian real estate market is sizzling hotter than a fajita.   When Read more [...]

Dec 10 2014 Show Topic: A real real estate comparison between two south Pacific islands

As the holidays approach and the shopping season heating up, nothing seems to sizzle like the real estate market in Australia. Developer Richard Butler claims there’s really only 2 more real estate auction weeks left, and that the number of auctions and the sales prices remain robust. The median auction price in Sydney continues north of $1,000,000 AUD. Next, Richard compares the prices of properties of the same size of Sydney, Australia with Port Vila, Vanuatu. Sydney is divided into Read more [...]

3 Dec 2014 Show Topic: Traveling the South Pacific–a woman’s Perspective

A slight change from the norm on this week. We start off with the usual Real Estate auction news from Richard Butler. Last week, approximately 2,000 properties were sold at auction in Sydney and Melbourne. The real estate market remains robust with the median auction price in Sydney remains at over $1 million AUD. Richard and Brian welcomed Glenda Stirling of Oz Cruise Club.  Glenda Stirling joins us from Rockhampton in Queensland, a town known for its cattle barons.  The membership organization Read more [...]
26 Nov 2014 Show Topic:  Vanuatu, Looking Ahead to 2015

26 Nov 2014 Show Topic: Vanuatu, Looking Ahead to 2015

This week on the Show. Richard provides last week's roundup of the Australian Real Estate Market, Brian is freezing in New England and Randy Mitchell joins Richard and Brian to talk about the future (no, not Mars colonisation: a MUCH better alternative) and how Vanuatu can be the next big goldmine for investors Randy is back this week to talk about the IRA, the Self-Directed IRA, what it is and how it enables retirees to invest in their future. He also talks about the roots of the IRA Read more [...]

19 Nov 2014 Show Topic: Lifestyles and Real Estate of the South Pacific

Richard Butler and Brian Thomas back hosting the Real Estate and Lifestyle of the South Pacific show. This week, Richard explains his amazement at the Australian Real Estate market and with it giving us an overview of last week's property sales figures of major Real estate areas in Australia. Richard states that, the Australian Residential Real Estate market is responsible for making over 1000's of investors, millionaires, each month. The recent Chinese/Australian trade agreements have Read more [...]

12 Nov 2014 Show Topic: Look at what the Chinese are doing

Vanuatu trade mission to China Fresh off his trade mission to China, Richard Butler tells us why the Chinese are one for the major economic contributors to the world. During the real estate round up, Butler relates how the Chinese have influenced real estate prices throughout the eastern coastline of Australia. Richard tells us how friendly Chinese business-people are, and about how well he was treated and respected during the trade mission. He also learned why the Chinese are major real Read more [...]

29 Oct 2014 Show Topic: Australia’s coastline real estate

Fall officially started in the U.S whereas Spring has transcended south of the equator. Host Richard Butler does his usual real estate round of Australia's real estate market from the past week. Richard and Brian talks about Richard's upcoming trade mission to China, a country with over a billion inhabitants. But do they see in Vanuatu a viable investment for the future? . Our guest is Victor Shalala, Principal of Laing-Simmons, Wollongong. Victor is from a family that has been involved Read more [...]