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Richard in Australia and Lance in Vanuatu chat about Real Estate Opportunities and Lifestyles of the South Pacific.

Here’s your chance to get both the insight that comes from almost 40 years as a successful Real Estate Developer (Richard, who is also a Trade Commissioner to Australia for Vanuatu) and an inside look at life as an expat enjoying living in the paradise that is Vanuatu.  (Lance)

013 Dreams that came true this week

The Vanuatu Prime Minister, CEO of Air Vanuatu, and Vanuatu Airport construction company... validated not one but THREE big dreams forecast in our podcast. In this podcast you will hear how blaring sirens on a quiet tropical island preceded the Prime Ministers...

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009 Right Place at the Right Time

You have to be in the Right Place at the Right Time... (and with the Right People!) to Avail Yourself of the Right Opportunity Why should the visit of the Australian Prime Minister ("SkoMo") to Vanuatu and the interview of  Sir David Attenborough by Prince William all...

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Why Consider Investing in Vanuatu?

Where it all begins.  The basics of the foundation.  Check this out first, and if it’s not you, go no further.  On the other hand if it IS you, no doubt you will want never to miss a single episode.

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2018 Release, Episode 001    |    26:16 min

Why Consider Investing in Vanuatu?

by Richard Butler and Lance Hunt | Real Estate Opportunities and Lifestyles of the South Pacific

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