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1 Oct 2014 Opportunities and projects in Vanuatu

1 Oct 2014 Opportunities and projects in Vanuatu

Opportunities and projects in Vanuatu Brian holds a Q & A session with developer Richard Butler regarding the plethora of opportunities and current projects within Vanuatu, the 83 island chain affectionately known as the Land of Smiles. Richard talks about...

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17 Sep 2014 Show Topic: South Australia Wine and Real Estate

Australia is known for endless beaches, koala bears, kangaroos, cattle and mining plus tourist hotspots like the Sydney opera house and the Sydney harbor bridge.  There is also one more Australian tourist attraction, The Australian Vineyards with clearly defined state...

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9 Jul 2014 Show Topic: Cruising in the South Pacific

Peter Taylor is Vice President of Government and Corporate Affairs for Carnival Cruise Lines-Australia. He tells Richard and Brian his favorite cruise destinations in the South Pacific, and how a cruise can lead to a relocation tour.Developer Richard Butler relates...

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12/31/2014 Show Topic: 2014-2015

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas as we look down the barrel of 2014. No real real estate round-up as we wrap up 2014. Richard does chime that we need to focus more on the Darwin and Perth markets in the upcoming year. Yes, Darwin is the place with the U.S. military...

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